Hairdressing Supply Gifts for New Cosmetologists

If you have a cosmetologist that will be graduating soon, you may be looking at gifts that can help them in their new career. If you are not sure what will help them in their career or what may be worth getting them, here are some ideas. Each of these hairdressing supplies can be purchased at local beauty stores or through beauty suppliers.

Professional Hairdressing Case

The professional hairdressing case can be vital to some cosmetologists. This case is usually large enough to hold all of their needed supplies. Many of the cases have mobility rollers that allow you to pull the case behind you like luggage. These cases are ideal if the cosmetologists work for different beauty salons or work as an independent hairdresser. The cases have slots for all of the supplies and may also have removable pockets and expandable slots for more or less gear depending on the need of the cosmetologist.

Pouch Holster

There are several types of scissors used in hairdressing. One option for storage can be a scissor case, but these cases can be awkward in smaller spaces. An alternative is to buy the cosmetologist a pouch holster. The pouch holsters will hold multiple pairs of scissors and can be stored in a case after use. They take up little space and some are available with belt style attachments that can be worn during the hairdressing appointment.

Disinfectant Supplies

It's important to have disinfectants to clean your combs and other supplies between clients. You can find sets that include the container as well as the disinfectant solution and other items. Some updated technology includes UV sanitizing options that do not use liquid. These supplies are available at most beauty supply specialty stores.

Clips and Combs

Hairdressing supplies that are always in need by cosmetologists are clips and combs. You can find these in a variety of sizes and colours. They are also available in bulk boxes or in sets that include combs as well as clips and pins. If you decide to outfit your new cosmetologist in this type of supply as a gift, consider putting them in an easy to use case where they can all be kept together after the hairdressing appointments. 

Keep in mind that these hairdressing supplies can be purchased in gift sets for beginners and for newly licensed cosmetologists. You can also put together gift boxes and baskets that contain these items along with other items that may help the new cosmetologist pamper their clients even more.